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Prevention Maintenance is of paramount importance and DESS has the capability to provide bespoke services and maintenance to suit any required application. We offer a wide range of services as these:

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts for DG (15 KVA up to 1500 KVA)

  • Dual Fuel Conversion Kits

  • RECD (RetroFit Emission Control Device)

  • Specialisation in Cummins, Kirloskar, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra, CAT Make Gensets

  • Inventory of critical spares & lubricants

  • Commissioning of DG sets

  • Major and Minor overhauling DG sets

  • Rewinding of AC Alternator

  • Consultancy for old DG sets

  • DG Room sound proofing and design & manufacturing acoustic enclosure

  • Engine inspections, gap analysis & health checkup servies

  • Consultants for new generator sets up to 1250 KVA (Cummins, Kirlokar, Ashok Leyland)

  • Generators buyers & sellers

  • Stockist of Pre-Owned Generators up to 1250 KVA

  • Special desk for repair of DC Alternator and Self-Starter

  • Rentals, Lease of Gensets

  • Industrial Supplies

  • Exports of Diesel Engine Spare Parts

  • Stockist of Genset Batteries

  • Genset Panels

  • Electrical Panels

  • AMF Automatic Panels

  • OEM Filters

  • Overhauling & Repairs

  • Silent Power Generators

  • Sound Proof Acoustic Enclosures Repairs

  • Turbo Charger Repairs

  • Fuel Pumps & injectors Repairs

  • AC Alternators Rewinding

  • Turnkey Jobs - SITC of Gensets

  • Installations Works

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